05 Does your agency make the most of social media?

By Martin Thomas, Writer

How happy are you with your agency’s social media presence? And if it’s not working quite as hard for you as you’d like it to be, why do you think that is?

For many agencies too small to employ someone to focus on social media, the answer to that question is time. There’s simply not enough of it in the day to add social media management to the myriad other activities associated with running a successful business.

This was one of the issues to emerge from research we carried out last year into social media use among creative agencies and it was a topic that came up when Red Setter’s Alex and Claire Blyth appeared on the #SmallSparksTheory Podcast last week as guests of host Lucy Man of Gunpowder Consulting. You can listen to the podcast in full over here.

Last year’s research involved looking at the social media presence of 200 agencies and interviewing 50 agency leaders and a range of experts to understand the barriers to, and benefits and secrets of winning at social media. You can download a copy of the resulting report from our site.

If time is short for building a strong social media profile for your agency, then it’s hardly surprising if confidence is sometimes low about the best way to do it. What exactly should you say, how should you say it, and which social media platform should you use to get your agency’s messages in front of the right people?

Social media is a double-edged sword for agencies. On the upside, it’s never been easier to have a voice. But the flipside is that, now more than ever before, you really need to be using that voice to succeed.

At Red Setter, we understand the amazing potential of social media. We spend time getting to know our clients properly, figuring out what sets them apart from the competition and making sure we fully understand their audiences. Then we develop thought leadership content that tells their story in a way that really grabs the attention. We also run workshops to show our clients how to use social media to get those stories in front of the people that matter to them the most.

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