05 Beginning of my PR internship

By Yana Miladinova

A key requirement of my PR degree from the University of Bournemouth is a 12-month placement before my third year. I was very excited to be offered the opportunity as a PR & Marketing Intern at Red Setter – it works in a very interesting niche, and the challenge of helping an agency grow its reputation amongst other creative agencies really appealed to me.

It’s living up to its promise. I expected to spend the first few weeks on an induction – as many of my friends doing internships at corporates are finding – but instead I was thrown right into the thick of it with proper work and genuine responsibilities almost from day one.

So far, I have managed the database, introduced new ideas for the marketing plan, analysed Red Setter’s competitors, and given suggestions based on my findings. If I had to pick one part, I have enjoyed analysing the website of our agency and the competitors the most. This is mainly because my recommendations were well received and appreciated, and potentially can have an impact on the agency.

Every day is different; each task is unique and challenging. It’s also really exciting seeing our clients’ work on shelves in supermarkets!

What surprised me the most is the balance of the agency. Red Setter has just the right amount of fun, absolute professionalism and interesting people in the office. Mixed together, they make the atmosphere pleasant and always energetic. Perfect for working in a creative industry.

My first month has been truly amazing, and there is so much more to learn. I am looking forward to meeting the clients face to face and further immersing myself in the daily life of Red Setter.

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