05 Can brand design give us all a better night’s sleep?

By Carrie Ellis, Senior Account Executive

35% of the world’s population misses out on sleep to a medically damaging extent. The other 65% agree a better night’s sleep would be more than welcome.

So, when branding agency Venturethree received a brief from Parisian neurotech firm they thought it was going to be one of their easier projects. Dreem isn’t whale music, pulsing lights or a scented pillow spray – any of the stuff already on the market that the founders of this describe as “bullshit”. It is a headband that tracks your brainwaves and extends them to draw you into a restful sleep. It really does improve your sleep. Easy to sell, right?

This Wednesday night we heard at the latest Glug Meets event that this was in fact far from an easy sell.

The more the Venturethree team looked into it the more they discovered that the sleep aid market was saturated, consumers were sceptical about the latest fads, and most critically of all even though sleep deprivation is such a problem, the issue is pervaded by a widespread sense of fatalism. Who hasn’t had the almost boastful conversation about how little sleep they’re managing on? I know I have. Creating a brand that would cut through this apathy was the challenge Venturethree took on.

The core idea of the work is to turn sleep from something that happens to you into something you actively make happen. Dreem needed to wake people up to a good night’s sleep.

It’s a bold, brilliant strategy, executed perfectly, and just one of the five projects we learnt about in a fun evening at Venturethree’s at Chelsea studio (which, from the elegant arches of the cavalry barracks to the human-sized toadstool in reception, is stunning).

With every project it works on Venturethree aims to do more than drive financial growth; it also aims to better society. We saw how it has done this for Trustpilot by bringing a sense of trust back to the brand, creating a famous glass brandmark for Sky, filming an innovative VR campaign for UN initiative The Great Green Wall, and forming a moving logo bringing data to life for open agriculture company OpenAG and of course Dreem.

There’s always something new to learn at Glug events, and in this session we learnt that while Venturethree might not be a studio you hear a lot about there’s some great work happening there and some great minds working on it – not least the agency’s Strategy Director, Tim Jones.

It was an inspiring talk, and just as importantly, it was also a great opportunity to meet fellow creatives and have a few beers in the evening sunshine.

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