05 Red Setter’s favourite coffee designs

Today is National Coffee Day in the United States, but we cannot miss the chance to celebrate it with a collection of our favourite coffee designs.

Small Batch Coffee
“They started off a local Brighton company, however, they have grown considerably now and they are expanding out of Brighton too. I like the way Brighton’s famous Pavilion is represented in their logo and for me, I love their cosy café environments and the fact they use Bon Soy soya milk! It’s the best!” (Susie, Account Director)


“As a total coffee fiend I’m always on the lookout for the next innovation in coffee – especially when it’s something that makes the early-morning routine a little more interesting. Just released after a successful Kick-starter campaign, IKAWA’s home coffee roasting kit is the first digital micro coffee roaster in the world, and its beautifully simple design would make a great addition to any kitchen worktop. This remarkably minimalist design is also reflected in packaging design by Carter Wong, who took the powerful red IKAWA logo and super-sized it, wrapping it around the pack for a playful yet premium feel.” (Sian, Media Consultant)

Papa Palheta
There’s a lot of sameness in coffee packaging – beautiful designs, sure, but little original thinking. This Brand Experience Kit from Singapore coffee house Papa Palheta stands out, speaking in a truly striking way, to the connoisseurs, the people for whom coffee is as much an experience as a drink – the people who are likely to sign up to a coffee subscription service.” (Alex, Co-Owner)

papa palhita

Conker Spirit Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
I love the packaging for Conker Spirit Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. It doesn’t get much more on trend than this. Coffee is so hot right now, as are Espresso Martinis. According to research we’re drinking less, but opting for quality, so this product released earlier this year is perfect for those looking to treat themselves. It’s made in Dorset and proudly trumpets this on the front of pack, appealing to the consumer demand for products with provenance and the desire to buy British. There’s the batch number and the distiller’s signature on the front and the label set at a jaunty angle, communicating a hand-crafted feel. There are some nice little touches of humour as well with the phrase ‘That’s The Spirit’ repeated in places on the bottle. As all good marketers know, if you can get consumers to smile, they’re more likely to pick up your product and keep buying it, because everybody likes to smile! It’s a great way to stoke brand loyalty.” (Samantha, Media Consultant)

Nescafe Azera
“I like the colourful design on the limited-edition cans of Nescafe Azera. It reflects the passion for coffee and creativity in an outstanding way on the shelf. Also, the designs were created by students at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), and I like how Nescafe is trying to motivate the young talent to be creative.” (Yana, PR & Marketing Executive)


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