05 Delivering cut through in the gin sector

By Samantha Clark, Media Consultant

As a PR and new business agency which works with some of the UK’s leading design agencies, we love it when a category livens up with beautiful design, compelling story-telling and innovation. The gin category is exploding, not just with eye catching design and rip-roaring tales, but also with a tsunami of new product development. It seems like there’s a new gin launched every week!

Here are some of our recent favourites, in no particular order.

  1. Foxhole Gin has sustainable credentials and category challenging design to boot. It presses the unused juice from grapes grown for wine at the Bolney Wine Estate in West Sussex to make the gin. Apparently between 30 and 40 per cent of the grapes are usually thrown away, but are now put to good use in this grape-based gin. This product ticks a lot of boxes for consumers – it reduces food waste, it boasts attractive design with hand-finished details, a pared back white and copper design and of course it comes in a wine bottle.
    foxhole gin
  2. Gordon’s Pink Gin –  Gordon’s is hoping to bring the trend for pink gin, already a big hit in Spain, over to the UK. In the UK where craft gin brands pose a threat to big established brands such as Gordon’s, releasing a premium version with a hint of the exotic looks like a smart move. I came back from holiday in Spain this year with a love for Larios Strawberry Gin and I definitely want to give this Gordon’s Pink Gin a go.
  3. LoneWolf – The design was created by our client B&B studio and we loved this! The new spirits arm of BrewDog, LoneWolf, is taking on the craft spirits category and shaking it up. A simple stripped-back label features a wolf’s head distilled down to its purest geometric elements reflecting the product’s purity and the brand’s outsider stance. The simple black and white label with its hand finished look communicates honesty and premium, but with a rebellious streak.
  4. Brighton Gin – We know we talked about this one during Pride last month, but it’s our home town gin and it’s gorgeous! The limited-edition rainbow Brighton Gin was released to celebrate Pride – the biggest celebration of LGBT rights outside of London in the UK. We think it’s great to see a local brand standing behind the city’s LGBT community by decking itself in the rainbow flag. Limited editions are also a great way to give your brand some personality and stoke loyalty. When they are as pretty as this, you’re likely to keep the bottle even after the contents are long gone and display it to your friends. That’s a fantastic advert for Brighton Gin!Brighton-Gin-Pride
  5. The Newmarket Gin – This is really clever stuff from our client Nude Brand Creation. The gin is made for The Bedford Lodge Hotel which has an historic link with horse racing and Newmarket going back hundreds of years. Look at the video of the bottle – if you twist it from side to side, it’s as if you’re looking through binoculars at the horses on the back of the bottle racing the final furlong! The packaging is inspired by the Newmarket racecourse, as well as English photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s pioneering work in the study of the running horse. Even the leather collar is handmade in Newmarket by Gibson’s Saddlers, founded in the early 1900s.
    Newmarket crop
  6. If you’re already beating them, then maybe join them too, is the message from Lidl. It released its own craft gin Hortus to rival the craft brands. Craft gin is popular but it’s generally on the expensive side. This gives consumers something they want, but at a more affordable price point and with design that has that distinctive craft look. A great idea and one which I’m looking forward to taste testing against its craft competitors!

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