05 Designate’s Future Sessions 7

Today our PR team was inspired by Designate’s Future Sessions 7. Held at the Shoreditch Electric Cinema, this event saw a series of influential marketers sharing their thoughts on how marketers can use broadcast to build their brands.

This is our write-up of the session:

The Magic of Advertising

Did you know that the Skybox in your living room is feeding you adverts specifically targeted at your age, location, lifestyle or even if you have a cat?

The information comes from Sky’s own customer data and from consumer profiler experts such as Experian.

That means a neighbour could be watching the same TV show, but is looking at a different set of adverts chosen to reflect their interests, without the viewer knowing it.

This was the message from Sky AdSmart’s head of local and development David Sanderson who spoke at the Future Sessions at the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch on Thursday July 30.

The Future Sessions are a free and regular event, organised by Brighton advertising agency Designate and feature industry leaders delivering 15 minute speeches in front of an invited audience.
At the event, called Broadcasting your Brand, we learned this targeted advertising used by Sky AdSmart was being deployed with military precision in audio media too.

Creative Director of Global Radio Jo McCrostie explained previously, radio was not one of the most popular areas for spending advertising, but the dominance of smart phones has meant the opportunity to consume audio content has never been greater, with audiences rising skywards like a rocket.

And with the advent of the Digital Audio Exchange, Global Radio will be able to sell advertising space to companies which will zero in on people’s specific interests and provide a single access point across 30 premium digital music platforms such as Spotify, Blinkbox and Mixcloud, as well as Global’s Classic FM, Capital, Capital XTRA and LBC brands.

For example a listener might be into his dance music. Could an advert for a holiday in Berlin where he.can enjoy the city’s legendary party scene be up his street?

The magic of advertising was also revealed by Marc Gutreich, board member of Open Outdoor, who showed us how digital advertising billboards can attract attention by creating a sense of wonder.

Imagine a billboard at Piccadilly Circus promoting British Airways. As a plane flies over a child on the advert runs across the screen and declares it is the BA flight from Lisbon, even citing the flight number.

They used some clever technical wizardry to monitor when a BA plane was flying over this precise spot in London and assess cloud cover to see if the plane would be visible.

There was an element of magic in an advert highlighted by Tamsin Irving, Trading Manager at Channel 4.

This was the TV station behind those unsettling adverts pretending to sell a robot housekeeper, which prompted outrage on Twitter and numerous national news stories. Later a new advert ran explaining it was actually publicising a new TV show called Humans.

They didn’t stop there though. There was a mock eBay auction for the synthetic humans and even a hoarding on Regent Street announcing a synthetic humans shop was opening soon, with two screens displaying digital synthetic humans which interacted with the public.

Meanwhile head of commercial marketing for Google and YouTube Nishma Robb spoke about the rise of the vlogger, such as Zoella who makes video blogs about beauty and fashion from her home in Brighton.

With almost nine million YouTube subscribers, more than Beyoncé, a range of makeup brushes in Superdrug and a new book, she is one of a rising number of YouTube vloggers who Nishma argued were the new celebrities.

Previously advertisers might have turned to stars of the big screen and television to promote products, but with the reach of these new online celebrities stretching ever further, it might be time to look to Vloggers to advertise products, just like Turkish Airlines did when it teamed up with YouTube to fly some of its high profile vloggers to Istanbul and asked them to vlog about the airline and Istanbul.

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