05 Designs We Love – March

By Charlie RoyceDigital Marketing Exec & EA

What happens when a team of creative design lovers are given the opportunity to champion their favourite creations? An explosion of distinctive, inspirational and impactful work!

Check out this #DesignsWeLove for a selection of our favourites that give us all the good feels…


First up an eco-conscious design favourite from Account Director Sian Disson who loves it when design is the force behind changing the world for the better. This collaboration between non-profit organisation Parley for the Oceans x Adidas uses from reclaimed plastics from the sea in each pair!

Why she loves It:

“I love a fashion collaboration – and even more when it’s saving the planet – so these trainers from Parley for the Oceans x Adidas are right up my street. Good-looking, comfortable and reducing ocean plastic? What’s not to love?”

Writer & Media Consultant Tara Crean celebrates “What’s your type?” – a new dating card game by Type Tasting that works on the premise that you can spot Mr or Mrs Right based on their font preference. The game explores the impact that typography has on us.

Why she loves it

“I love this game because it celebrates all things typographical and I’m a word nerd. Fonts have more impact on us than we realise – as this game reveals…”

Next in line, Marketing Account Exec Kate Selley chooses to champion Strange Luve gin, elegantly designed by 43’ Oz Design Studio.

Why she loves it

“Strange Luve jumps out as the perfect gin for Spring! I love the surrealist illustration featured on the bottle, especially the contrast of monochrome and colour. This combined with the beautiful gold-foil lettering makes the Strange Luve bottle really stand out! I hope to have it on my shelf very soon!”


Senior Account Executive, Steve Penney, introduced us to a fusion of creative disciplines really hits the spot. Swedish type studio NM Type teamed up with South African choreographer, Andile Vellem to create new 121-character typography ‘MOVEMENT’. The results are epic.

Why he loves It:

“I love the intersection of disciplines and media behind this project. It brings together different forms of communication – written and dance – into something alive that can be performed. This is something you can feel.

Finally, Account Director Sophia Voce applauds Bee Bright! A conceptual design by Maude Paquette-Boulva, Bee Bright is a container for honey made of 100% bee wax. Once empty you simply turn it over to reveal the wick, transforming it into a candle!

Why she loves it:

“This is brilliantly clever! Not only do I love the concept, but it looks great too. I love the clear and simple illustrations which demonstrate its purpose. Super cool!”


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