05 Designs We Love – May

By Kate Selley, Marketing Account Executive

One of the perks of working in the creative industry is having the latest designs and innovative concepts firmly on the radar.

From beautiful rebrands and elegant exhibitions to inclusive designs and trophy-snatchers, our team found no shortage of new inspiring work to nominate as their favourites.

Take a look at this month’s Designs We Love ensemble.

First up, Marketing Account Director Monique Daranyi fell in love with Taxi Studio’s expertly designed rebrand of Carlsberg Export. The refresh intended to place more emphasis on the beer’s Danish roots which had a huge commercial impact on business.

Why she loves it

“I absolutely love this. It’s a fantastic example of brand re-invigoration through clear, contemporary, beautiful design. Not only did it shift brand perception, but distribution points increased by 10,000 and profits by +2% in just 14 weeks! Power to design!”



Managing Director Claire Blyth left the Dior exhibition at the V&A and immediately wanted to return! It’s impossible not to be inspired by this legacy of impressive design, which is why she simply had to choose this as her design of the month.

Why she loves it

“I’m choosing the design of the Christian Dior exhibition at the V&A, as it totally blew my mind! Designed by Parisian agency, Agence NC, it sold out its entire month run in just 19 days! The exhibition is spectacularly beautiful, so it was hard to choose anything else!”



Next up, is the ‘best in show’ 2019 Dieline Awards winner! Scottish branding agency Contagious took their time over two years to create this thing of beauty, stealing inspiration from the industrial buildings and old kilns that once dotted Leith’s shores. In our opinion, that’s time well spent! Senior Account Executive Sarah Holland certainly thinks so too, as it took her a matter of milliseconds to choose this gorgeous design!

Why she loves it:

“As if we need any more reasons to embrace the gin trend, this beautiful bottle designed by Contagious gives us another! The unique texture and shape really stand out on the shelf in a crowded market. I love the font, simplicity and delicate teal-like hue of the bottle. Lind & Lime Gin and tonic anyone?” ⠀⠀



Finally, Senior Account Executive Steve Penney celebrates inclusive design at its best with Lego Braille Bricks. Bringing Braille to the toy bricks adds a whole new dimension to something most of us will have grown up with (and stepped on!). It presents the opportunity for interaction and engagement that could spark the imagination of some of tomorrow’s most brilliant designs.


Why he loves It:

“The fact is, I chose this because I had an emotional reaction to the design. I realised that design can sometimes be exclusive, when really, it should be able to be enjoyed by everyone as far as possible. I think inclusive design that presents creativity in ways that can be experienced by a wider range of people, should be more widely celebrated” ⠀⠀


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