05 Designs We Love

By Charlie Royce (Executive Assistant to the Directors)

We’ve kicked off a new monthly session at Red Setter called ‘Designs We Love’, with each staff member gifted 60 precious seconds to present their favourite recent design to the team. The result was an eclectic mix of branding, fashion, architecture and animation that reminded us of (and in some cases introduced us to) some truly exceptional design.

The winning prize? A bottle of fizz and the pressure to do even better at our July session. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourites:


Time Magazine’s June 2018 drone cover


As a former magazine editor, I know how much effort goes into cover design. The cover is your fleeting chance to grab people’s attention on a crowded newsstand, so it’s got to be eye-catching and enticing.

Time magazine’s cover for their special report on drones was all that and more. It featured 958 drones in a 100-metre tall formation in the Californian skies. It was a ridiculously extravagant idea – I mean, how much did that cost?! – but it’s also incredibly clever and, to my mind, extremely beautiful.

(Martin Thomas, Writer)

Animade for WeTransfer

I chose this short animation by agency Animade, for their client WeTransfer, because of its beautiful colour-palette, universal translation (there was no dialogue) and heart-warming and thought-provoking story.

The subject was a father being distracted by keeping a campfire going, rather than playing with his daughter, which was meant to symbolise the distractions of day-to-day life. The character design was endearing and overall aesthetic very pleasing.

(Cher Keane, New Business Account Director)

Isle of Man Post Office and Glazier Design mark the 50th anniversary of the release of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I love that Glazier Design have used original stills from the film and created a new typeface and colour scheme that represents specific aspects of the film (the black representing the Monoliths, the blue representing the earth as seen from outer space and the red representing the artificial intelligence robot Hal’s all-seeing eye).

Fun fact: Glazier Design has hidden messages within the stamps using special technology and they’ve encouraged die-hard fans to find them.

(Lianne Drewett, New Business Researcher)

Sunniva Krogseth for Green Man Festival

This year, the Bread design collective has commissioned Sunniva Krogseth to illustrate a series of images for Green Man Festival. The mystical creatures and playful linework create a magical world which embodies the free-spirited atmosphere of the festival.

(Carrie Ellis, PR Account Executive)

Katharine Hamnett

I love the concept of fashion being used in such a positive way and from the early 1980s right through to the present day, Katharine Hamnett has used her slogan t-shirts to gain attention for political causes that she feels passionate about.

Hamnett designed her t-shirts so that their messages could be read from far away and easy to copy – her intention being that to copy her design goes against all usual rules, adding to the rebellion.

In her own words, ‘they’re a way of people aligning themselves to a cause. They’re tribal. Wearing one is like branding yourself’.

(Sally Moorhouse, New Business Account Director)


Paul Bedford design for ‘Revolt’

REVOLT is an instruction manual for businesses seeking to do more with their brand. Designed by Paul Belford, the dynamite style is very interesting and unique. When put on a shelf next to other books, it can be perceived as a sign of disruption within the business genre. I like it because the TNT design is very eye-catching and you will definitely notice the book.

(Yana Miladinova, PR Account Executive)


Allison Demyanovich for Gregory’s Coffee NYC

Other than the fact that the logo design bears an uncanny resemblance to yours truly, I love Allison Demyanovich’s design, which uses two coffee cups to create a pair of spectacles. The design supports Gregory’s Coffee’s vision to ‘see coffee differently’ and has helped to propel the café from just another local coffee shop to one of the fastest-growing coffee chains in NYC. It also helps that, in my opinion, they make the best flat whites in Manhattan.

(Charlie Royce, Executive Assistant to the Directors)

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