05 Facts, figures and fast cars at the London Design Festival

London is celebrating design. A nine-day showcase of talent, the London Design Festival is a catalyst – not only bringing together work from around the world but also highlighting our city’s role as the design capital of the world. We’d see it all if we could.

So, we were lucky to spend some time this morning at Design Frontiers at Somerset House. It shows the work of 30 designers, all working at the point where innovation meets consumer need and commercial impact. It ranges from Tord Boontke’s exploration of the sensory possibilities of unfaceted crystal lighting through to the hyperloop, Priestman Goode’s vision for the future of train travel.

For us, two exhibits stood out. Firstly, the installation from Pentagram that delivered 250 facts, all contextless and unreferenced. It poses one of the pressing questions of our time: given access to unlimited information how do we distinguish the valuable from the irrelevant, the truth from the fake?

Secondly, the breathtaking virtual ride on the Jaguar of tomorrow. It’s not VR, it’s better – go and see it. Here’s a preview…


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