05 Glug Annual Summer Party: Creativity, Pizza and GIFs

By Steve Penney, Senior Account Executive

Last night Red Setter attended Glug’s Annual Summer Party hosted at Cargo in Shoredtich surrounded by friends and creativity. Fellow Gluggers were able to meet and greet the, as always, stellar line-up of speakers in the garden over pizza and beer before kicking off the evening’s talks.

Here are a few highlights from the evening:

First up was Mark Paton, Creative Partner at design studio Here Design who took us through value of “human-made” design, the lessons to be learned through changes in perspective and that its possible to live slowly, explaining how sometimes the most interesting projects are the ones that don’t necessarily go to plan. Working on a recent project for The Balvenie Stories, Here Design learned six key lessons: Celebrate humans; Listen more; Think in words; Treat packaging design as a gateway; Keep going and; Share goodwill.

Branding agency Multiadaptor’s Co-Founder and Strategy Director Andy West, along with Strategy Director Izzy Hays offered a roadmap to their in-house strategy for becoming the best version of yourself. The charismatic duo posed the question: what’s your secret sizzle? And then helped us find our own answers. Their advice? Keep it simple; use plain English; be specific; spark imagination; and the journey is all part of the learning curve – which gets exponentially steeper over time. For reference, the formula is Experience x Character = Sizzle.

‘Experimental studio’ Future Deluxe believes the best creative work is born through experimentation and collaboration. William Denning and Felix Chilvers gave us a crash course in A.I. and machine learning (aided by expertly-chosen GIFs) showing how programmes can understand and refine data to create even a frighteningly realistic conversation between 90’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe, for example. Their creative endeavours include thinking about what it means to be a plant (pause for reflection) and using photogrammetry and machine learning to create one-of-a-kind digital ecosystems that destabilise through human intervention and expire over time.

Other galvanic presentations came from David Johnson at Accept & Proceed and co-founder of Together Design Heidi Lightfoot, as well as Q&A with Integrated Producer, adam&eveDDB & Equal Lens Founder Jaki Jo Hannan & photographer Aleksander Kingo.

As always, each presentation offered a unique point of view on creativity and left no (AI generated) stone unturned in the search for inspiration. And if there’s one thing the crowd learned about delivering a knock-out presentation, it’s that a well-placed GIF really works the room.

Thanks to Glug for hosting another evening of mind-blowing creative talent


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