05 Guide to Agency Growth through Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is one of the most effective ways for creative agencies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to gain the attention of potential clients. We have seen its potential firsthand, as we have helped many clients conceive, create and distribute thought leadership that wins new business.

One was a top five agency that presented a fresh view of the future of the spirits market in an article in a drinks industry publication and then emailed it as a PDF to potential new clients. It got them in front of one of the main global drinks players and they picked up the brief to create a more contemporary visual identity for one of the world’s most famous spirits brands

Another was a small regional agency that we worked with for months helping them researching the UK’s further education market. Our resulting thought leadership article was used by the Times Educational Supplement as a cover story, and led to an event attended by dozens of education marketers and addressed by our client. The agency picked up significant new business as a result.

Yet thought leadership is not easy to do well. Much of what presents itself as thought leadership is uninspired, “me-too” thinking. It is bland “content” that fills space but offers little genuine insight, much less leadership. In so doing it can do more harm than good to an agency’s reputation.

In our Guide to Agency Growth through Thought Leadership we detail the three key stages – conception, creation, distribution – and offer practical tips on how to do each well.


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