05 Happy National Publicist Day

Today is National Publicist Day so this post is dedicated to our amazing PR Team. We asked them to look back at the beginning of their careers and share with us why they chose to work in the PR industry.

It was no surprise that there were people who started their PR career almost by accident like our PR Account Director, Gemma Maxey:

I kind of fell into the PR industry by putting myself forward for some work experience in the press office of a fashion brand while I was studying Fashion Management at university. What I quickly learnt was that in the PR industry success comes from being a great communicator.

“Not only understanding and articulating your clients’ key messages so that they are of interest to a journalist and ultimately the end reader of a publication; but building strong relationships with everyone you come into contact with so that you become an invaluable source of advice, inspiration and content – and you learn from others along the way. I think I was probably destined to work in this sector as I love meeting new people and forming relationships with them where I consider them as much friends as colleagues.”

While others made the popular transition from journalism to PR:

After five years as News Editor for a design-led publication, I followed the well-trodden path of many journalists and crossed over into PR several years ago. Both roles are fundamentally about telling stories, making the transition pretty smooth, but PR allows you to go one step further and work as part of a team with your clients, really getting to the heart of what they do and understanding the journey of each individual project.

“For me, the best part of the job is seeing the impact that great exposure can have for our clients, whether it’s new business opportunities, positive feedback from the brands they work with, or comments from their peers in the industry who have seen the coverage. It always puts a smile on your face! “ (Sian Disson, Media Consultant)

Samantha Clark, Media Consultant, explained why she loves working in PR for the creative industry:

Working in PR for the design and advertising industry is fascinating. We get to work across multiple sectors, including drinks, property, food, FMCG and retail, to name just a few. So, the issues are varied and we learn something new every day. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with a client’s reputation and to help grow their business.

“This has a real impact on the people who work there, boosting morale and growing the agency’s reputation. I love helping people and I love the adrenaline rush of getting coverage or having a really busy day when I’m juggling multiple priorities. I’ve always loved writing so it’s a pleasure to be able to write for a living.”

We love working with a variety of people, who can bring fresh perspectives. Ayshen Irfan, PR Assistant, started her first PR job with us:

I didn’t really know the full extent of what PR was when I joined Red Setter but since I started working here I really love what we do and what this job means. I think it’s amazing how the field extends to literally everything from working in design, like we do, to people who handle PR for celebrities or politicians.

“I think this is the career I would like to stay in and develop my skills in. I think it’s exciting that we really help get our clients’ names out there and show the world the amazing work they do. It’s nice to have such a sense of pride in our clients for their work and when I see them getting recognition online and in print for what they do it’s a really special feeling. I think that is probably my favourite part of the job, as well as getting to practice my writing and really extend my knowledge in FMCG, marketing and design. Fascinating stuff!”

Yana Miladinova, our PR & Marketing Executive, joined us as a part of her university degree, so after seeing the academic part of PR, this is what she has learnt about the industry:

I started my PR adventure at Bournemouth University without knowing much about the communications industry. Where I come from in Bulgaria, PR is usually mixed with Marketing and Advertising, but I like how it is a separate discipline in the UK. It involves so much; from media relations through social media to crisis communications.

“But what I love the most is that every day is different. One day you will be liaising with journalists, the next day you will be writing blog posts, and after that, you will be at a networking event. Meeting so many interesting people from different sectors is fantastic and I definitely recommend pursuing a career in PR. University gave me the theory, but Red Setter is giving me the practice. The best first job a person can ask for.”

And as we like to dream big, we asked Media Consultant Samantha Clark what she thinks the PR world will look like in five or ten years:

I think we’ll see a continued gradual closure of national and local print titles and an increased focus on online media. I think the trade media will continue in its online format because it provides an expert service which professionals in the industry rely on. But sadly, I think we will see a lot more national and local newspapers closing.

“We’re already seeing the value of coverage on national television programs diminish as audiences move to on-demand streaming services such as Netflix. Since the advent of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, if you want to find out what’s going on in the world, often you’ll find out quicker by checking your social feed, rather than switching on the TV or opening a newspaper.

“It’s likely in the future our PR efforts will have a much bigger focus on social media. In addition, there are so many demands on our time these days – from Netflix to Facebook, from Instagram to online gaming, there’s a lot of competition out there for mainstream media in terms of how we spend our free time.”

Whatever the future holds, we are grateful to work with such amazing people. Thank you, PR Team. You are the best!

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