05 How to recognise the ‘Goldilocks’ moment

By Sian Disson, Account Director

That feeling when a creative project is ‘just right’ is something that all designers are familiar with. But what happens when your first concept is actually the right one?

Be brave. Believe in your work and make sure you get the rest of the team on board. This was the message from Landy Slattery, Creative Director at 4Creative at a YCN event with DixonBaxi this week.

Alongside Harry Ead, Associate Creative Director at DixonBaxi, Landy explored the recent delivery of a rebrand for online streaming service All 4 – the last piece in the Channel 4 rebrand puzzle.

Presented with a challenging three-month period to create a new identity for All 4 – ensuring it could be unveiled as part of an iOS update – DixonBaxi arrived at the pitch meeting with a concept almost identical to the finished brand.

A remarkable feat, but not one without its challenges. Attempts to get all stakeholders on board with a single concept – particularly the first one presented – resulted in a raft of feedback, from colour selection to whether to incorporate a large ‘play’ button into the formerly pared-back design.

But as Harry explained, 30% of being a designer is coming up with a good idea. 70% is selling it in. Something that many creatives aren’t necessarily prepared for when they start out in the industry.

And whilst a short time frame of just 12 weeks could on paper be seen as an obstacle, it was actually a positive thing, explained Landy, as it forced people to make difficult decisions fast. In the face of a tight time constraint, it’s simply much easier to say, ‘yes, okay – carry on’, giving the creative team much more freedom to progress the original concept.

This early design incorporated the same heritage ‘4’ as used across all Channel 4 brands (from E4 to Film4 and 4Seven) but with a horizontal bolt of yellow and green, later rolled out across all touchpoints including the streaming bar. Whilst the design was finessed throughout the project, the concept was strong enough to carry through from pitch to final product.


So, the moral of the story? If your ‘Goldilocks’ moment happens early on and the design is ‘just right’, stop and have the bravery to see it through.


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