05 How to Succeed in the Creative Industry

By Alex Blyth, Editorial Director

“If you want to be a better photographer stand in front of more interesting stuff.” Jim Richardson

It was the quote of the night from last night’s Glug London – but only just. The place was fizzing with advice, insight, brilliant ideas. And the best martinis you’ve ever tasted.

That quote came from Stu Outhwaite-Noel, CCO & Co-Founder of Creature London, who gave us his eight tips for succeeding in the creative industry. Number one: steal things (ideas, not actual stuff). Two: don’t care too much – “It’s not like we’re making parachutes.” Three: Cock up quickly. Four: Accept you don’t know what you’re doing. Five: Get on with it. Six: Stop thinking (and go and stand in front of more interesting stuff). Seven: Be the least smart person in the room. Eight: give your ideas away.

It was brilliant advice.

And there was more.

There was Christian Eager, Creative Director at Turner Duckworth, showing us how they’ve created the unmistakable assets behind brands like Burger King, Amazon and Coca-Cola.

There was Zack and James from Glimpse, inspiring us with their reimagining of environmental activism as less a responsibility we ought to feel and more as a chance to fill Clapham Common tube with photos of cats and to kickstart a new future for our planet.

They want to stop the world looking back to an imagined past – an England free of Europe’s shackles, the time when America was great, the distant memory of an all-powerful Caliphate – and towards a future filled with beauty and hope.

We loved them for it.

And then there was Romeo.

Romeo from Amsterdam, introduced as the Heston of cocktails, who showed us a new way to make a martini. Two parts gin or vodka. One part vermouth. And orange bitters. Stir into ice. Do it. Try it. It’s amazing.

It was the usual riotous brilliance of Glug, an event I always leave with a smile on my face.

There’s a reason it was standing room only last night and that March’s event is nearly sold out – to paraphrase Jim Richardson, if you want to be a better creative go to a Glug event.


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