05 I’m very font of you because you’re just my type

By Kate Selley, Marketing Account Executive

I’m very font of you because you’re just my type: What do our preferred typefaces say about us?

From the photo below which font speaks to you the most?

This was the first exercise given at last night’s fantastic Glug event featuring typography expert, Sarah Hyndman, author of ‘Why Fonts Matter’.

Throughout the evening Sarah lead us through a series of games and sensory tasks to show how influential typography can be.

But can type ever be as influential as other factors such as price?

Previous studies have shown if you perceive the wine you’re drinking is from a £90 bottle, you will dramatically enjoy that wine more than that from a bottle thought to cost a fiver. Sarah wanted to know if type could have the same effect.

Cue to an 80’s throw back game of the ‘The Price (type) is Right’.

We were shown a series of wine bottles featuring different typefaces and then in true ‘The Price is Right’ fashion, we had to shout out either ‘higher’ (more expensive) or ‘lower’ (cheaper).

Other than enjoying how everyone seemed to hold the same snobbery when it came to certain typefaces (a bold rounded type face got a resounding ‘lower’), it was fascinating to see how instantaneous everyone’s answers were. No one needed any time to think on it. It was a great example of how important design factors are when it comes to the moment of purchase.

By the end of the evening after rounds of ‘Type Karaoke’ and ‘What’s your type? The Dating Game’ not only had we learnt a lot about the power of typography we learnt a little about ourselves along the way.

It’s always inspiring when you get to listen to a speaker where their work is clearly also their passion. This was definitely the case with both Sarah Hyndman, and the night’s other guest speaker, the brilliant illustrator John Bond – whose debut children’s book ‘Mini Rabbit Not Lost’ is available now.

Oh, and remember the font you picked at the beginning? Here’s what it says about you…

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