05 Instagram? The award for the best agency account goes to…

By Vicky Stoakes (Client Services Director)


Asking creative people what makes a good, bad or ugly Instagram account is like asking a parent their favourite child. Everyone looks horrified (at the thought of choosing or the thought of offending, I’m not sure).


This week I hosted a social media roundtable with our friends at YCN. We debated the benefits of different social media channels, from LinkedIn to Facebook, to Twitter and Instagram and the purpose of engaging (or not) on those channels.


Social media done well can fulfil many agency needs, from reaching influencers (the decision makers to buy agency services) to driving down recruitment costs and attracting the right talent.


We talked about the importance of hashtags and the opportunity for using Instagram stories. I also stressed that whatever you do with your agency channels, they must be authentic and consistent. But what we couldn’t agree on was what makes the perfect Instagram account.


It was the question that kept being asked and I refused to answer, because in my time running social media workshops and analysing many an agency’s Instagram, they are often like Marmite.


One slick, highly-curated global agency account is some agencies’ idea of perfection. To others it looks corporate and lacks personality. Some accounts have tried to buck the trends of cakes and dogs and are creating their own take on the news and trends.


What I always say is do have a clear idea of the your agency’s personality and tone of voice and always understand that Instagram is visual. Get to know your audience and give them what they want. Stay relevant and sometimes it’s okay to get emotional and yes, we always love an office dog. We are all human after all…



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