05 It’s Nice That offers inspiration at September’s Nicer Tuesday

Red Setter joined the 300-strong throng queuing up outside Oval Space in E2 for It’s Nice That’s Nicer Tuesday monthly meet. Each event sees different artists and designers take to the stage to talk about what gets them fired up

September’s line-up included Italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, independent creative agency Superimpose, director and filmmaker Margot Bowman, and photographer Dougie Wallace. All of them showcased their vibrant and unique work while speaking about their inspirations, creative process and latest projects.

Milan-based Zagnoli talked about her recent series of work, Cuore di Panna (an ice-cream brand that translates as Heart of Whipped Cream). Evoking childhood memories of sitting outside cafés with her mother puffing away on cigarettes in 1980s Italy, the juicy pop-colour prints, light installations and videos are filled with a retro aesthetic that transports us back to a time when the world was a bit more pink, glittery and glow-in-the-dark.

Growing up in a family where TV was discouraged and all her toys were wooden, Zagnoli said, “While I was at home being taught how to make paper, the world outside felt like an explosion. I wanted to create a visual expression of the emotion I felt.”

Next to take to the stage were Superimpose founders Ollie Olanipekun and Toby Evans, who head up a team of 20 LA- and London-based designers, trend forecasters and content strategists.

Perhaps best known for its work with Adidas and Burberry, and the anti-Brexit campaign #Swindled, Superimpose is on a mission to swim against the tide. Tony and Ollie didn’t pitch to Adidas and Burberry – the sportswear and fashion powerhouses approached them. Why? “Because we are the audience. We’re not a bunch of middle-aged suits trying to tap into what the ‘yoof’ are into!”

Creative director, filmmaker and New Yorker Margot Bowman works across both creative direction and interactive artworks. In her recent film, Common Misconceptions, Bowman explores the ‘micro aggressions’ that people experience on a night out. From being told to “cheer up, love”, to being accosted at a bar, to being touched up on the dancefloor. The inspiration for the film came from a quote generated by a surprising source. “Take responsibility for the energy you bring into the space,” said Oprah Winfrey. Bowman wanted to ask the question – “Is it ever your fault if you’re treated inappropriately?”

Dougie Wallace has an international reputation as a versatile photographer, capturing everything from stray dogs in Goa to the uber wealthy enjoying a shopping trip to Harrods. He discussed his Shoreditch Theme Park project, which documents life in this London neighbourhood in all its colourful, outrageous, depressing, shocking and heart-string-pulling glory. For Wallace, Shoreditch isn’t simply a subject, it’s an area close to his heart. He said: ‘Shoreditch has been the perfect training ground for me to practice my photography over the past 15 years.’ Bright, brash and completely compelling.







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