05 Launching Red Setter’s Marketing Division

by Alex Blyth, Editorial Director

Between 2009 and 2016 the number of design agencies in the UK doubled, according to the Design Council. There’s a lot of competition out there.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. As consumers fast-forward through ads, and eyeballs turn instead to product images on social media, so brand marketers are recognising that design is more than an adjunct to advertising – far, far more. And budgets are shifting accordingly.

There’s work to be had out there, but agencies need to work hard to be heard amidst the noise.

It’s not just that there are more people out there shouting. They’re also shouting in more places than ever before. They’re keynoting at conferences and giffing on Insta, they’re podcasting, emailing and Linking In, they’re at awards dinners, they’re splashed across the pages of the media, they’ve got websites that pop, and presentations that fly.

There’s just so much you can do, and it means that for most design agencies the single biggest issue with marketing is figuring out where to spend their time and money. If you’re a global networked agency it’s easy – you’ve got a team on it. If you’re a small agency it’s less of a problem – you can probably keep everyone busy with a bit of clever marketing through one or two of the channels you enjoy most.

It’s the ones in the middle that struggle most with this. They’ve got to be everywhere – if they’re not then people question it.

“Can we hire a design agency that’s got a website like that?”

“Have you seen their LinkedIn profile? I think there’s actual tumbleweed on it.”

“I’ve asked a lot of people and no one’s heard of them.”

So, this is why we’re launching our marketing division. For the past ten years we’ve been helping design agencies with parts of their marketing. In that time we’ve built a team of 20 in-house experts and a network of freelancers. Between us we’ve now got all the skills an agency needs to market itself and grow.

We’ve got the answer to the question we hear all the time “We want to grow our design agency but we don’t know how. What should we do?” The answer is to get the right mix of these activities for your agency, and then actually follow them through:

  • defining and articulating your positioning
  • deciding on realistic goals
  • copywriting for a website that reflects your agency
  • writing standout case studies
  • advice on social media strategy and content
  • editorial strategy to turn your work and ideas into content that journalists want to publish and decision-makers want to read
  • content creation: from news releases and think-pieces to podcasts, animations and videos
  • media outreach to creative, business, national and broadcast media
  • media training
  • social media content
  • targeting the right targets for you
  • email and phone outreach to decision-makers
  • networking at events, conferences and awards
  • coaching on turning new business opportunities into clients

Or more simply, tell us where you want to get to, and by when, and we can give you a plan for doing it – and then we can help you make it happen.


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