05 Love your content! How great content can transform your design agency through social media

By Vicky Stoakes, Client Services Director

Love your content! Love your social media. This was one of my messages to a fantastic group of people representing some of the industry’s most exciting design agencies wanting to raise their game on social media.

On Wednesday as I hosted our ‘Social Media for Design Agencies’ workshop at Shoreditch House, I found that many of these agencies who appear to be masters of social, have one common problem. Content.

So many design agencies I follow produce scroll-stopping work, images and gifs on Instagram. Yet time and time again, when I talk to them, the story behind getting that content is often one of headaches.

It’s not just about getting the content. It’s about creating and finding the right content that fits the agency personality and brand voice. It’s about the content that will make the agency be noticed by the right people, on the right platform. It’s understanding that their audience on LinkedIn is likely to be very different to the audience on Instagram.

Many agencies have opted to focus on and feed Instagram as their primary channel. As a design agency, they absolutely should. It’s an agency’s showcase, their work, an opportunity to show the personality behind the work. But if an agency wants social media to impact positively on their business, then understanding the potential for LinkedIn is essential.

With 80% of B2B business leads coming through LinkedIn, it can’t be ignored. It has to be an essential part of an agency’s social media strategy and there are some great straight forward ways to make the right people stop and engage with content.

For me, getting design agencies excited about the power of LinkedIn to reach decision makers, is a massive win. Seeing that it should clearly be an important part of their marketing mix.

With social media evolving every day and the continuing boom for new design agencies, now is exactly the time for agencies to wake up to the power of social media. Putting a strategy in place for using LinkedIn well, is a great place to start. I can’t wait for the next workshop.

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