05 Nicer Tuesdays – November edition

By Katie McIlvenny, PR Account Executive

On Tuesday evening Red Setter queued up in London’s freezing rain with 300 other determined attendees for the November edition of Nicer Tuesdays. The monthly event is designed to give creatives a space to network while listening to influential names in various fields explain their artistic speciality. Curated by It’s Nice That, waiting in the bitter temperature was made worthwhile by the stellar speaker line-up.

First up was award-winning freelance animator and illustrator Laurie Rowan. Speaking with the same confidence his niche artistic style embodies, Rowan described how starting out in the more traditional circles of animation he found himself becoming a ‘career-animator’.

Going on to create an alternative Instagram account, Rowan set a personal challenge of uploading one piece of out-of-office work a week to ensure his creative mind had room to flex its muscles. After a few posts, one particular animation caught the attention of thousands, gaining a following of 14.4k in one short year.

Rowan brings his stream-of-consciousness illustrations to life with a medley of pastel colours, detailed shadowing and fluid movement. Rowan’s advice? Always listen to your inner-creative, you never know where it might take you.

Next to the stage was London-based photographer Francesca Allen. Since graduating in 2014 Allen has gained traction with her beautifully candid images.

Sharing her realisation that women in photography are too often sexualised, the young photographer explains her art focuses on ‘girlish’ friendships, muting any suggestive undertones through sincere platonic moments caught on stills.

Allen talked the audience through the details of her upcoming book Aya, a photographic conversation that spans language barriers between herself and Japanese musician Aya Gloomy. The story chronicles the pairs growing friendship void of any mutual language. The books concept begs the question, is art our universal language?

Multi-dimensional creative Yuri Suzuki was third in line. Suzuki is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician whose work explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces.

His art looks into the relationship between sound and people, and how music and sound can effect the minds of those listening. From creating pyramid shaped robotic instruments for will.i.am to building his own Sonic Playground, Yuri is a designer with no boundaries.

The evening finished with Anna Haifisch, a Leipzig-based illustrator beloved for her wit-filled comics. Over the years Haifisch has developed a signature and recognisable style. Her comic series The Artist has proven to resonate with creatives the world over.

Published on Vice, the series depicts a character who dreams of being successful in the art world. Reading out extracts on the night, Haifisch admits the main character to be a slight representation of herself, making her illustrations even more charming.

Nicer Tuesdays is an ideal way to put the mid-week slump on pause. If you’re looking to start your Wednesday morning feeling refreshed and inspired, this is the way to do it. We can’t wait to see who It’s Nice That invites to the stage next month.


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