05 Seven things I learnt from Brighton SEO

By Yana Miladinova, PR & Marketing Executive

Brighton SEO began as a few people in a room above a pub. Today it’s the UK’s biggest search marketing conference. It brings together the best minds with the freshest ideas, and it happens in Brighton. So Red Setter went down, nosing out the top tips for how creative agencies can push their websites up the search rankings. Here’s what we learnt.

  1. Do a link audit. Check your backlinks and repair all “ugly” links that show errors. Some domains might not exist anymore, and their links will be broken. (Christoph Cemper from LinkResearchTools)
  2. Know your audience. Explore users’ intention, understand their needs, write content that answers them and optimise it towards your target audience. (Jo Turnbull and Daniel Furch from Searchmetrics)
  3. Make your website mobile-friendly. Apps have taken over, consuming 50 % of our time on devices. (Duane Forrester from Yext)
  4. Show positive reviews or testimonials from clients on your website. 91% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. (Myles Anderson from BrightLocal)
  5. Empower your people. SEO is not only about your website. Leaders should explain “what” to do, but not “how”. By giving the employees freedom on how to fulfil a certain task, they feel more responsible for it, and they will put more effort into it. And a better content for your website to be optimised. (Olga Andrienko)
  6. Explore how it is done in the industry. To stand out from the crowd, promote yourself differently. Know what stories you can tell about your company. (Andi Jarvis)
  7. In the end, SEO is like everything else in the business – it needs a good strategy. Don’t confuse strategy with goal-setting or individual activities like writing an article. Have a clear result in mind and plan a coherent set of actions to achieve it. (Chris Summance)

Those are just the highlights of what we learnt in an incredibly rich experience. It’s come a long way from a room above a pub – bring on Brighton SEO 2018!

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