05 Red Setter’s favourite start-up companies

Today is National Start-ups Day and we would like to wish good luck to the following three companies, which are some of our favourite start-ups.

“The insurance sector is experiencing a moment of rapid disruption with the development of innovative new InsurTech startups like Zego, which offers flexible by-the-hour cover for the gig economy, meaning great opportunities for branding agencies to push the boundaries of design.

“Zego’s new brand positioning by Ragged Edge shows that the insurance sector doesn’t need to be dull or stuffy. A fresh, clean aesthetic that reflects Zego’s no-nonsense offer and a vibrant colour palette to contrast with the wider category’s corporate tones shows confidence and purpose, standing apart from more established competitors.” (Sian, Media Consultant)

Too Good to Go
“Too Good to Go’s mission is to save food sold by restaurants, cafes, bakeries and greengrocers from going to landfill. What about that fresh sushi left at the end of a late shift, or that loaf of sourdough bread, macaroons and sausage roll? Now participating businesses can pack it up into bags and users of the Too Good To Go app click and collect using Paypal. Costs per portion are very low, from £2 to £3.80. It helps to reduce food waste and enables people who might normally be put off from eating out due to cost, to treat themselves. It’s a clever idea and in an age when consumers are demanding that businesses are seen to be environmentally friendly and to be helping others, will be good PR for them too. The business was founded in 2015 in Denmark and hit the UK’s shores in 2016.” (Samantha, Media Consultant)

“Snact is a fruit snack manufacturer, which is trying to reduce food waste by using ‘ugly’ bananas and transforming them into nutritious banana bars. The new branding by B&B Studio gave the brand a catchy and vibrant identity. It catches people’s attention and shows their mission against food waste in a delicious way. The design is bold, colourful with creative slogans SN/ACT.” (Yana, PR & Marketing Executive)

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