05 TEDxBrighton: Searching for Utopia

By Yana Miladinova, PR & Marketing Executive

Why is dyslexia perceived as a disadvantage?
How do we help people who are living with depression?
Can we save our planet through renewable energy?
Why does the media push only negative stories?

These were just some of the questions posed at TEDxBrighton last Friday. We were privileged to attend this event and hear thoughts from some inspiring speakers, all offering perspectives on how we can improve the world we live in.

Creativity was the theme threaded through the sessions. Whether the challenge is in education, disabilities, mental health, globalisation, or LGBT, creativity can offer a solution.

Christian de Boisredon, founder of Sparknews, talked about how the media shows only negative stories. We hear all about environmental disasters and crimes, but we rarely read a story about a scientific breakthrough or sports achievement. What would happen if the news sources promoted more positive stories? Would it change the mood of the public? Would it inspire more people to be good and pursue their dreams?

For Tom Ravenscroft, the founder of Enabling Enterprise, and Kate Griggs, founder of Xtraordinary People the issue is in education. They argued that the focus teachers put on analytical and problem-solving skills diminishes children’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, both founded organisations that cherish creativity in children.

It was a day full of inspiration from people who are making impactful change around the world. They challenged our knowledge of the borders dividing up our planet, but they also influenced us to find our utopia. And as Vanessa Barret said, “Life is a journey. Fill it with creativity and allow yourself to be happy.”


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