05 Why good PR benefits your SEO

By Gemma Maxey, PR Account Director

I wonder how many people go through a day without using Google. I doubt many. Let’s face it – Google is King. It’s embedded into our everyday lives. And so, ensuring our online content is optimised so that Google serves it to the end user is pretty important.

By why is this relevant to PR? Surely this is the job of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

I went to a conference hosted by PRmoment.com at Sea Containers on the South Bank last week entitled ‘The Intersection of PR and SEO’ that addressed both the opportunity and the know-how for PRs to maximise the SEO impact of their work.

We heard from a range of insightful speakers including Laura Crimmons, Founder of Silverthorn, a Digital PR, Content Marketing and Social Media Agency; Dixon Jones, Global Brand Ambassador at Majestic SEO and Nick Wilsdon, Search Product Owner at the Vodafone Group, to name a few.

All agreed that advances in Google’s algorithm have fundamentally changed the rules of SEO. These days, all analyses of Google’s Search Rankings agree that earned media coverage (aka PR) is now one of the top Google ranking factors.

But why is that?

All Google cares about is giving its users the best experience and the two key things Google favours are quality content and links – giving the user the most relevant information they’re looking for, from quality sources and enabling them to find it easily.

Whenever we write and pitch PR content on behalf of creative agencies we always ask ourselves, who is the audience we’re trying to reach, what’s keeping them awake at night, how can our client help to address their challenges and how can we package that up in a way that grabs their attention? That’s writing quality content. It’s current and has complete relevance.

But quality sources are just as important. Good PR has the ability to build the reputation of design agency bosses as experts in their field. And securing these key messages on credible websites with a multitude of inbound links (City AM, The Grocer and Dieline to name a few) signals to Google that the content is an authoritative and trusted source, optimising it in Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPS).

In short, PR doesn’t just build the reputation of your agency, it helps your target audiences find you easily via Google.

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